Equipment and Moulds

Thanks to many years’ experience in the mechanical sector we design and manufacture special equipment according to the needs of each customer.
Over the years we have consolidated a production strategy that makes it possible to produce control and assembly templates, gluing and trimming jigs for carbon fibre components, medical equipment and thermoplastic moulds, which meet the precise and punctual needs of the customer.
During the co-design phases, our customers will always be supported by professionals who are highly experienced in the production of industrial equipment and components, in order to guarantee a problem-free production process.

Mechanical Machining

For many years Ferrotto Design has specialised in the field of 3 and 5-axis machining of aluminium, titanium and steel alloy parts.
We can arrange production batches and process any type of part, from castings to single parts as per specification.
We manufacture products that can be used in a wide range of applications in the Automotive, Motorsport, Naval and Biomedical sectors.


Thanks to our experience and our highly qualified staff trained over the years we are able to carry out any traditional modelling work.
We regularly work with leading manufacturers to whom we supply models for foundries, moulding tools and models for composite materials made of wood, synthetic resin, polystyrene and aluminium.

Our constant evolution in this sector guarantees that we can provide products of excellent quality and deliver highly complex work.
By means of laser scanning we can digitize products recreating the virtual CAD model for a faithful reconstruction, or modify the files obtained according to design requirements.

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